Weight Management

Intro to Weight Management

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For many people, weight loss or improving body composition usually comes to a halt even when they’re on a diet. There may come a point when you’re stuck at the last bit of fat, or you’ve been lean for a long time and have trouble gaining weight. If you’ve tried everything else and you have the work ethic and discipline to control your body composition more predictably, counting calories and diving deeper into being aware of exactly what you’re eating in specific amounts will be your best bet at eliminating the guesswork. I’m putting together a free step by step guide inspired by questions from my clients and the public to get you started in the most simple and logical way.
Being at your goal body weight and body composition is a matter of habit and taking the right steps. It’s a matter of applying the right knowledge, learning and being aware of your patterns, and adjusting your nutrition and activity accordingly to get the best results with the minimum amount of work necessary.

Check out my video above for an introduction on how to start tracking your weight and food intake over time for measurable results.