Red Light Therapy review

Author: Filip Smialek PT, CSCS | | Categories: 1 On 1 Personal Training , Exercise Coach , health , Joovv light , Joovv Solo , longevity , recovery , red light therapy , therapy

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I started using my red light panel from Joovv on November 20th, 2019 (about 4 weeks ago). I bought the Joovv Solo from their website. By the time it got through customs and shipping, it ended up costing almost $2000. 

Using this device is a complete experiment on my end. I’ve never done light therapy before aside from going outside and spending time in the sun in the summer. One of the main reasons why I decided to try this device was because of some of the positive statements and reviews I heard/saw from people in the fitness industry. 

My thoughts were quite simple when making the decision to test this thing out: 

I’m not getting much sunlight in the winter, a light emitting device might do some good. And, this thing seems to be getting some positive feedback and has some clinical evidence supporting it.

Like a good skeptic, I needed to try it myself to make sure it works, so I’ve been consistently irradiating myself for 12-18 minutes daily, right before sleep for the past 4 weeks. I must say, I have been feeling better in the last few weeks. My sleep has felt more solid, and I have some personal data to show for it. I took a few screenshots of my sleep data from my Garmin watch for the weeks before I started using the Joovv and the weeks that I used the device. 















The changes between sleep are fairly small, but they exist nonetheless. My sleep habits were good before I got the red light device, but the quality and average length did improve. Between weeks comparing sleep before and after using the device, there is an increase of 11 minutes of deep sleep, and 11 minutes average total sleep. Possible confounding variables could be that I just sleep more during the winter and maybe my increased training volume requires me to sleep more. If the empirical data regarding my sleep improvements isn't enough to convince anyone in favour of using red light therapy, my subjective testimonial that I feel like I'm better rested and recovered while using the device still stands. 


I understand there may be confounding variables. For example, using the device on a consistent basis before I go to sleep forces me into a sleep routine - this in itself will improve sleep quality and will reduce the amount of time it takes to fall asleep. The device also emits some heat, so when you’re standing close to it, it heats you up. Heat is proven to have a calming effect and can help you wind down - try taking a hot bath or shower before bed, it’ll put you out.

Confounding factors aside, Joovv claims that there are many restorative properties to the red light that their products produce, and that they’ve been specifically engineered to be very effective. Look up red light therapy, check out Joovv’s site, and read for yourself.

So far I’d say the thing works pretty well. I feel better. Is it because of the heat it emits and the forced sleep routine? Maybe. It’s likely also the fact that we barely get sunlight in the winter and this red light panel gives enough of a dose to improve health and performance. 

My overall judgement on my Joovv solo so far is that it was $2000 well spent. Will competitors come into the market and bring the price down significantly? Probably. I didn’t wait for that to happen, I’ll do what it takes to improve my health and performance now. As for all of the additional claims I’ve heard about red light therapy, for example, that it helps skin, gut bacteria, brain health, etc. I can’t confirm any of that at this point. For now, I sleep better, and I feel more rested in the morning with improved energy than when I wasn’t using it - that’s enough to have me sold.