Virtual One on One Training and Treatment Sessions

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Exercise Therapy Toronto

I’ve been making the most of my skills as a trainer and therapist over video calls while our government mandates that most of us work from home and avoid physical contact. 

There are pros and cons to this arrangement:

It’s nice that I don’t need to spend time commuting and limit my expenses as a therapist and trainer, but the important aspect of physical contact with therapy or physical contact when cueing a training client where they should focus their attention while performing an exercise, is missing.

The next best thing however are virtual sessions for both training and therapy. Some insurance providers will honour Telehealth practices. The therapy sessions need to be specified as being virtual. During the session I can still conduct a thorough assessment to find the client’s condition and then guide them through corrective exercises and self care to improve their condition. 

Some of my training clients still require having a scheduled training appointment for accountability and guidance through a structured training session with appropriate exercises specific to their needs and training level. We’re still able to get through effective training sessions with verbal cues and demonstrations.

Although it’s not in person training or treatment, it has proven to be very effective and valuable. There are countless exercises that can be done with minimal to no equipment ranging from beginner level to advanced. Personally I don’t own much equipment aside from TRX, a light kettlebell, some bands, and a sandbag. Much of my own training recently has been bodyweight and I’ve been making plenty of progress in different aspects of strength, muscular endurance, and conditioning. The same can be said for my clients that have continued to train, either on their own, or through virtual sessions with me. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. With some knowledge of bodyweight exercises and mobility drills, you have a recipe for progress.