Author: Filip Smialek PT, CSCS |

Austin's main goal is to build muscle. We're working through a progressive program that continually focuses on sound body mechanics and stability to develop a solid foundation for building muscle. ​We've been working together four days a week.

In order to reach Austin's goal, we focus on:

  • Properly progressing his training volume over time with periodized training.
  • Making sure he meets his caloric needs to gain weight.
  • Training major muscle groups four days a week
  • Registered Massage Therapist Etobicoke
  • Personal Trainer Mississauga

Austin gained 6 pounds during his second phase of muscle building (within a month) while maintaining his already lean body composition.

With attention to adequate nutrition and progressive periodized training, we're looking to build some more muscle and keep getting stronger.

Improving posture is also a major focus of ours. Our program implements plenty of posterior chain training (mid-back, spine extensors, glutes, hamstrings) to balance the body and encourage upright posture. Austin's program also includes daily mobility drills to help him open up and attain upright posture.

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