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  • Exercise Therapy Toronto

    Annual Cold Dip Tradition

    Since I became a trainer, I’ve been interested in the variety of ways I can make myself and the people that I help, stronger - mentally, physically, and spiritually. My aim is to make health attainable by simple means; by using tools that we all have access to. 5 years ago marked the beginning of a cold dip tradition that I’ve been doing on Christmas Day ever since. I’ll get to that origin story shortly. I’ll start by explaining why I train to be more resilient to either cold or heat. The simple reason is that after adapting to either cold…

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  • Exercise Therapy Toronto

    Red Light Therapy review

    I started using my red light panel from Joovv on November 20th, 2019 (about 4 weeks ago). I bought the Joovv Solo from their website. By the time it got through customs and shipping, it ended up costing almost $2000.  Using this device is a complete experiment on my end. I’ve never done light therapy before aside from going outside and spending time in the sun in the summer. One of the main reasons why I decided to try this device was because of some of the positive statements and reviews I heard/saw from people in the fitness industry.  My thoughts were…

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