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Beyond Limits Lifestyle offers one on one personal training to clients across Etobicoke, Toronto, Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area.

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  • Exercise Therapy Toronto

    One on One Training During Covid

    I work with a variety of clients. People come to me for rehabilitation, to gain strength, for general health, appropriate exercise prescription, weight loss, muscle gain, and accountability. 

    Now more than ever, during a time when public stress is at a high, having a place to go to bolster one's health and relieve stress is important.

    Aside from just feeling better, some of my clients (myself included) continue to train as a means to let off steam and stay sane.

    During this pandemic I've trained clients virtually and in person. Although training virtually has been a great tool to keep people consistent anywhere in the world, nothing beats the in-person experience with access to a variety of equipment.

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  • Exercise Therapy Toronto

    Quick and Easy Brain Training App

    Elevate is an easy to use app, with short (roughly 5 minute) daily training sessions that help improve vocabulary, grammar, reading speed, simple math calculations, and memory. Along with daily exercise and healthy eating habits, training your brain is important to stay sharp. 

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Personal Trainer in Etobicoke, Ontario

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