One On One Personal Training

One on One Personal Training Etobicoke, ON

Every client is unique, and I adapt my approach to take this into account. I take a thorough history for every client: Medications  |  Medical History  |  Past Exercise History  |  Diet  |  Goals

    • Assessment

    Based on our initial assessment and your goals, I will program workouts to meet your needs.
    ​I will continually assess and re-evaluate:

    - your diet
    - movement
    - strengths/weaknesses
    - general well-being
    ​- habits

    • Goal Setting

    Before we begin training, we discuss your goals and we set realistic expectations for what it will take to achieve your specific goals. When you reach your goal, we will re-evaluate for new goals or maintenance and adapt the program accordingly.

    • Success

    Your success is paramount. I'm here to support your process, guide your movement, and provide sound advice regarding your habits, nutrition, lifestyle, and exercise to make you successful.